Welcome to PRO COM Marketing.

Who we are !

Brian Wittal is the owner of the Company.

Brian grew up on a family farm at Strasbourg, Saskatchewan ( GO RIDERS !!) and moved out to Alberta in 1980 and began a career in the Grain Industry in  1982.

Brian spent 17 years buying grain and managing facilities for Alberta Wheat Pool at various locations in central and southern Alberta, before taking on the role of Producer Services Rep in Red Deer. There he focused on providing commodity marketing advice for producers in the area.

Brian then joined AgPro Grain, a division of Sask Pool as their Regional Sales and Marketing Manager in 1999 when they expanded into Alberta. Brian spent 2 years in this role in central and southern Alberta.

In 2001 Brian joined the Canadian Wheat Board as the Farm Business Rep for the Calgary region until he decided to start his own company in November of 2006.

 Brian holds an Ag Business Certificate from the University of Saskatchewan.

He successfully completed and passed the Canadian Futures Exam in 1996 along with numerous other industry commodity marketing and management courses throughout his career.

What we do !

PRO COM Marketing Ltd is a Company started by Brian Wittal in November 2006 in order to provide clients with commodity marketing and risk management advice. This service is customized to the client’s individual farming operation, to help make them more profitable. 

This advice will be based on the in depth market knowledge and information that will be procured through numerous Industry sources and contacts that have been developed and established over Brian’s 25 years of working in the Grain Marketing Industry.

By monitoring and researching the commodity markets and developing a solid business plan with the clients, Brian will be able to establish and recommend pricing targets for his clients that will enable them to extract maximum value from the markets, for the commodities they grow.  Utilizing his marketing knowledge, Brian will help clients establish a risk management strategy for their operations that may include using Crop Insurance programs and/or futures and options contracts in an attempt to extract the best possible overall value for the client, for the commodities they are producing.

Time management is the key to success in today’s business environment.

PRO COM Marketing Ltd is focused and specializes in the key elements of commodity marketing for our client’s which in turn allows them to focus on the many other aspects of their farming business, secure in the knowledge that they are not missing out on marketing opportunities.

 Our motto is, “Making Dollars and Sense of the Markets, for You!”